The Real Morgz - (Documentary)

Publicēšanas datums 10 apr 2021
Who is the Real Morgz? What is Morgz really like? It’s time to show you all the real me, Morgan “Morgz” Hudson.
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Directed, Filmed & Edited by Morgan Hudson & Edward Hallam.
00:00 Intro
00:58 How It Started
04:01 Dropping Out Of School
06:07 Buying A House Aged 16
07:20 The Start Of The Morgz Character
08:22 Morgz Mum Pause Challenge Meme
10:33 How Fake Did It Get?
11:32 How I Almost Died
12:55 How LVcd Broke Me
14:08 Bald Martin Beans And Burgers Meme
15:33 The Backlash
17:10 MorgzFest
18:33 The MrBeast Beef
20:08 Hitting 10 Million Subscribers
21:09 What Makes Morgz Mum Most Proud?
22:27 Whats Next?
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  • After all these years….. he’s finally back. 🙏thank you for finally listening to everyone and being yourself.


    • stfu

    • @Yeyaboyoyo Ikr We all should be liking that we will finally see the real Morgz in the next series

    • Hmmm it be two weeks bud


  • Maybe we been to mean..

  • You made my childhood idc what they say

  • Perhaps we treated hi to ahrd

  • Salute to morgz all my Russian slavs salute to this man

  • i was to harsh to you

  • Fam is he useing the finding dory theme in the first part?

  • This is the morgz we want bro, thanks for opening up the camera for real 🙏

  • Well sorry Morgz that everyone etc is exposing you

  • I owe u an apology

  • And this is the Morgz we need proud of you bro.

  • You know what, I’m gonna sub again

  • i have finally liked a video of yours

  • bought a house at age 16 barley anyone can do that good job morgz

  • “Perhaps I treated you too harshly”-Thanos

  • I misjudged... , I'll resubscribe now.... Sry

  • pog vids

  • perhaps i treated you too harshly

  • Good for morgz for real though

  • Morgz you are the. Best

  • happy hes not super energized now

  • Create what you want to. I💕

  • everyone sees morgs quiting: haha lol what a loser sees The Real Morgs Documentary Ive Been A FoolThis Wjole Time *sniff*😔😔

  • I don’t even recognise him like his appearance since I last saw him on Yt lol

  • Bro I thought you left youtube just leave

  • not gone cap i kinda miss the old morgs were hes loud to be honest

  • Come back

  • Perhapse we treated you to harshly

  • Morgz probably did osmething that no one else can do

  • woa... i had no idea this dude was normal but i love this video and that he's finally being himself, a normal real guy who i actually have respect for, tbh tho even tho i hated him at first and thought he was weird, in a way he, made me feel better through the people making fun of him lol, but this video truly brightens me that he's going to actual be the real morgan

  • Goat

  • I feel so sick for joining in the online talks about him hes been through alot, mad respect

  • I was happy when he said he was leaving but since I know how he actually felt it’s changed

  • I never really liked morgs but you know now I feel just bad for saying and thinking how I did

  • this is the best video i have seen from morgz

  • I don’t really like him but gained some respect for him

  • Dramatic *sigh*

  • perhaps i treated you to harshly morgz

  • I love the new Morgz no more cringi Morgs yesssss

  • maybe we treated you too harshly...

  • Sorry dude.

  • i loved making fun of morgz for like two years because he didnt make gaming vids but him being himself is just cool respect for that

  • now this is the real mvp

  • I love your vids dont leave

  • uno reverse

  • Charisma 0 to 100 in 2 vids

  • Maybe we were too harsh..

  • It's nice to se the real Morgz 😌

  • Perhaps I treated you to harshly.

  • Damnit, he’s back. I thought we had him gone

  • Love him being himself 😗🖐

  • Character arc

  • i feel bad for morgz :( he seems like the sweetest person ever🤍

  • Bro ur such a legend 🔥💙

  • 1 month ago you said ur quitting

  • Tbh i’m used to shouting and making all of them weird faces and then just being noxious and everything is a bit weird that I you’re not shouting anymore just a bit weird just like if you agree if you’re not used to morgues are talking like this because it doesn’t sound the same

  • So is this what happens when you drop outta school

  • Maybe we were to mean😖

  • morgz plssss dont leave youtube plssss dont give up even if a lot of people said that your bad at youtube dont listning to them hope gor the good ok

  • perhaps we were too harsh

  • The real morgz is back!

  • morgz hhi im big fan

  • finally we got the real morgz back my respect has gone up for u so much my man be yourself

  • My respect for you before watching the vid 📉📉📉📉📉📉📉 after the vid 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  • Im a bit disappointed they didnt talk about what happened with him and his ex girlfriend

  • Amazing character development!

  • You are the real Morgz😕😔😞☹️😢😭


  • omg

  • I thought u leave utube

  • lad just be yourself that's all that every1 ever wanted you to be

  • No morgan😞

  • Bro now I feel bad making fun of u

  • Perhaps I treated u too harshly

  • I remember watching the jaackmaate podcast and wishing your channel was the way you acted then. Hopefully this comes in the future

  • Perhaps I treated you too harshly.

  • And this is when the legend was reborned again.

  • Perhaps we treated u to harshly

  • You should change your name like your real name

  • Theory: I think his making his fans happy but making videos like the you know he’s not happy about it

  • After so long, you've turned in your old self. I'm proud of you.

  • Maybe I was to harsh to u...

  • Wait.. He's normal? Always has been.

  • I love this

  • People who never hated on morgz like

  • i have must to say, i treeted you wrongly:(

  • Damnnn I'm literally holding back my tears. You've had struggles but you keep it behind a persona that would indeed work to get him have revenue and youtube monetization.

  • this one video was more professional then all the challenges he did on this channel

  • Hes a legend, good job king this is a very big step! 🙏

  • is this Morgz?

    • No it’s zgrom

  • My dad dropped out of school at 14 lol

  • Man is it good being a youtuber

  • Im subbing :')

  • You are the best

  • Sorry Morgan we were to harshly

  • I respect the audience that he has grown with the videos he has been making until now, but I feel like he would be taken more serious and attract a larger audience if he would act like he naturally does and cater to the audiences he is a part of.

  • Everyone on LVcd is different on camera then in real life. Morgz was just a more extreme version of that

  • Excuse me? What did he sayyyy?! 16:52

  • I think I was too harsh on him. In reality he is just a guy trying to get through life