I Built the ULTIMATE GAMES ARCADE in my House! *$10,000*

Publicēšanas datums 29 jan 2021
Today I Made An EPIC ARCADE ROOM In My House with Loads of Games Arcade Machines like a Claw Machine Prize Grabber, Racing Simulator, Popcorn Machine, Candy Floss Machine, Dance Machine, High Striker & More & We Tried To Win The 100% WIN RATE JACKPOT! I Built the Hidden Arcade Room with Bald Martin and we Surprised Morgz Mum with it and Had a Challenge to See Who Could Score the Highest! Leave a Comment if You'd Love to have your own HOME ARCADE ROOM!
Thanks to DB Entertainment for helping us with the arcade: www.dbentertainment.co.uk
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  • *Whats Your Favourite Arcade Machine To Play On?* #TeamMorgz

  • 2:09 😂😂😂

  • How is it your moms living room if it’s your house?

  • I would love if I had an arcade

  • I have that minecraft rug

  • 3:31 nice censoring no one will know who that guy is

  • 14:42

  • I'm your biggest fan

  • Creeper rug: hello steve: oh hell no.

  • You got robbed

  • Omg

  • Guys give me a break

  • Stoolie

  • Big Jill at a drive through: THIS CHALLENGE IS SO MUCH FUN DRIVE THRU WORKER: whaaaaaat

  • But he’s still kinda cringie

  • He’s not even that bad anymore

  • Morgan and you’re the best

  • jill house is your house not her

  • Is Marten your dad

  • His mom knew he built a arcade

  • 2:05 are you da baby

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I thought she was gonna be mad

  • It's so good that he gives time to his parents loved to see this

  • PS5

  • Boring video Morgz

  • Hm my fav arcade machine is one that has a giant teddy bear and you cut it with the sissors my mom got me one

  • man do ya'll even know why he does videos like this, its to put a smile on people faces and for entertainment and ya'll really hating on him like he did something wrong

  • Burgers and beans Бургеры и фасоль

  • i need it

  • pls tell me whats the soundtrack of 8:24

  • 8:24 i still wanna know that soundtrack

  • if i stood in the top of ur head and yelled it would echo

  • Am back I haven’t watched your channel for like *counts* 2-3 years

  • I haven't watched u in 3years

  • Your guess is incorrect

  • Lol u could of done it in ur room ur room its bigger

  • Show the real mogz

  • Good-bye mog define said pound


  • I don't play Minecraft I play Fortnite

  • I dont think thats a little bite

  • Imagine sing this 2 weeks before he left the video he left

  • Rip we love you morgs

  • Yay

  • "like and subscribe or else a creeper will come to your minecraft house, and BLOW it UP" yea- *that's why I live in the streets.* I have *no* _house_ so looks like *_the village is screwed too-_* ;-; same as the streets--

  • People who unlike doesn't watched the Happy hour podcast of morgz

  • If Morgz’s content was bad, Hating on Morgz isn’t any better then his content.

  • Morgz: 2 Hours come on. Jill: I'm off. Martin: Come on come on Me: Uhhhh Ok Whatever

  • Can you be a Leeds fan Morgz

  • I have been subscribed to your channel for 2 years your welcome

  • Next challenge creating your own move theaters

  • The youngest she's ever been is one million years old

  • I can very wash my asked three times a week

  • I have monster legends and Morgan game

  • I subbed

  • cool

  • The editor did such an amazing job blurring out the delivery guys face 👍🏻😋😃🤩

  • James is a time to get

  • 11:16

  • Big fan

  • Morgan didn’t want to hit because he’s so weak

  • i love pac-man

  • hahahaha you sreis

  • 9:05 Morgz thats a mouse not an iphone

  • Morgz mum: I'm on a diet Me: You wish

  • Ur awesome

  • Wow

  • It’s all a big set up this

  • Bruh


  • Mog

    • Morgz I did this get this games

  • This is how much a brick weight 👇

  • I watch him when I’m boarded cause he screams alot

  • Can I have the elephant from your claw machine

  • You mean I Will lose all my netherite

  • You have made ma DREAM home u should do a last to leave the house like that challenge I would be there for DAYS

  • Hello @shhs

  • So morgz is British but... he says dollars?

    • Yes he is but most of the people that watch him is english an dkids so they wouldnt understand morgz if he didnt say "dollars"

  • Proceeds to buy two full racing simulators with Logitech g920/g29 and doesn’t use them. I just pointed this out because I fine it rude as a car guy to have 2 racing simulators and don’t use them

  • Morgz is in his golden age rn

  • U wanna know the best part of this video 14:42 aka no part

  • Haha so FUNNY

  • The vault I love it

  • When morgz gets 1,000,000$: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • I m big fan for you mogz

  • It’s actually Morgz living room

  • This is how many years Morgan is in jail for 👇

  • I andide you on xbox my name is fazelilman09


    • He's changing y'know you probably havent even watched his new video that explains

  • Where did u buy the arcade machines

  • Gay

  • Well I spend the whole day on LVcd I spend the whole day on Minecraft I spent the whole day on Tik Tok I spend no I actually spent the like 3 or 8 hours on Minecraft on free fire 1 hour because I'm very badass it Tik Tok the whole day on LVcd the whole day and then when I wake up again the whole day so I really don't really kind of person who like to watch LVcd what's Tik Tok watch free fire watch Minecraft watch TV watch Netflix all them stuff

  • Poor old lady

  • Look at this part of the video 14:42

    • I was just testing all its you could teleport when you put the number sorry for this

  • Me when i was 8 years old wacthing him:SO COOL😎 Me now:my whole life is a lieಥ‿ಥ

  • When moths didn’t get a headset he could just buy one anyway 😂 with all his money 💵

  • I actually think the arcade was quite cool 🤫

  • I actually thought the arcade was quite cool 🤫

  • You was right a creeper want in my house on Minecraft